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“Debra is a strong and inspiring leader with the innate ability to envision what can be created in an organization and then articulate that vision to others in such a way that they are motivated to come together and make that vision a reality. I highly recommend Debra as a leader, motivator, and professional coach.”

— Lavon Winkler, President and CEO at Milbank Manufacturing


“Through the years I have known Debra, she has always been an effective, creative and dynamic leader. I would highly recommend Debra as a potential partner or advisor.”

— Andrew Morawski, Head of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Americas at Vodafone


“Debra’s commitment to focus and execution is matched by her strategic thinking. Her energy and passion made working with Debra a terrific experience.”

— David Dahl, Independent Technology and Strategy Advisor / Co-Founder at Low Rez Brewing, LLC


“Debra is a brilliant business person who understands the small business environment and is a great resource for business owners and their management teams. As a business owner, I am always looking for opportunities to be more focused, productive, and efficient. I highly recommend Debra to anyone looking to strengthen their company and achieve greater results.”

— Billy Hodes, President & CEO at Midland Metal Manufacturing


“Debra has a laser-like knack for getting to the heart of nearly any question or concern within a few moments of conversation. She knows the usefulness of empowerment and has a greater desire to produce work and human interactions that really make a difference for people.”

— Michael Cowan, Executive Producer at CommotionMachine Media


“Debra has been an inspiring partner who helped stimulate my thinking such that I could envision possibilities that I hadn’t seen before. I’m now on a new path, feeling grateful and energized by the professional and personal opportunities I’m creating.”

— Eve Asbury, Rainmaker at Optimize Ease