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As all green and growing things are inclined to do, Wunderground℠ provides a Roots-to-Shoots™ approach that helps individuals and organizations gain Traction®, get healthy, and grow strong. We provide the tools, techniques and resources that help people activate their passion, and connect with purpose, where it matters most.


Our roots are in innovation.


It all began in the 1900s when the seeds of the commercial Internet were being sown. In those days, there was a steady stream of new technologies, new players and new deals being generated by incumbents, upstarts and rough riders alike. The stakes were high, and the sense of urgency was deafening. For all their good intentions and herculean efforts, many technology companies did not survive the turn-of-the-century.


In the wake of the tech bubble bursting and 9/11, a number of companies (mostly on the coasts) capitalized on the spirit of innovation that had been lost-but-not-forgotten this side of the millennia. Some even challenged their teams to take more risks, and “make us nervous.”


In the aftermath, we turned our passion and proficiency for driving innovation, clarifying vision, and designing possible futures into helping leaders, entrepreneurial companies, and leadership teams reinvent themselves, their products and services.   


Our growth is beyond innovation.


What we discovered was that a solid structure, and practicing good fundamentals actually frees creativity, allowing people to be at their best. We don’t advocate a suffocating, ball-and-chain structure that inhibits someone’s unique contribution to a bigger goal. On the contrary, we offer roadmaps that allow people to explore the roads-less-traveled, while still gathering new insights, achieving traction, and gaining ground.


Of course, wouldn’t you know, growing pains accompany every growth spurt. What we cultivate is growing with the flow, not against it. To accomplish healthy growth, we experimented, designed new, and partnered with a few to create Wunderground — a place where fruitful and meaningful things happen.



Core values can’t thrive in a vacuum and are only meaningful when we interact with others. Thanks to our clients, partners, colleagues, family and friends for giving us the opportunity to do what we love and do best.


  • Keep it real
  • Maximize human potential
  • Creative disruptors of the ordinary
  • Seriously, competitive play


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